Meet Shabana: We first met Shabana in July 2011, riding a donkey cart with her grandmother on her way to school. APPNA was rebuilding her house that was swept away after the floods of 2010, in Southern Punjab. While living in a tent, Shabana wasn’t ready to miss a day of school. She and other children of her village inspired us to build a Primary school in Munirabad. This school allowed children like her to attend School in their own village instead of travelling 7 km every day.

Shabana was one of the first students at APPNA Primary School. After completing fifth grade, she now wishes to continue her secondary education, to reach her dream of becoming a nurse. In spite of her drive, she is unable to pursue her dream due to numerous challenges. Times are hard for her family. Her father works as a security guard, earning a meager 5000 Rs monthly, which makes it difficult for her family to make ends meet. She needs 2500 Rs per month, just to pay for Rickshaw to transport her to the nearest Secondary School. The cost of books and school fee is additional.

The story of Shabana and countless other children from APPNA School has moved us. We feel that these students need not just any education, but a world class education that TCF Schools provide free of cost to deserving children in Pakistan. In May 2016, APPNA collaborated with DC Chapter of TCF (The Citizens Foundation) during their annual fundraiser to raise funds for this school. We are grateful, that we were able to raise sufficient funds for TCF to take over existing APPNA School, and build a Secondary School for girls like Shabana. The new school will be named APPNA-TCF Munirabad School.

Education changes lives. We need your help during this holy month of Ramadan to continue our support to educate Shabana and children of Munirabad through this School. We hope this Sadqa-Jaaria will change lives not only for these children but for their generations to come. If you wish to support Shabana’s school, please donate online or mail your tax-exempt donation to:

APPNA Office
Attn: Jennifer Wozniak
6414 South Cass Avenue
Westmont, Illinois 60559

Please be sure to note “Munirabad School” with your donation. We will keep you apprised of the progress of this school and Shabana. Thank you to “you “our members, for your support and generosity in making a difference in the lives of the children of Munirabad.