APPNA Corneal Transplant Project has already restored sight to 80 Pakistani citizens who otherwise were destined to remain severely visually impaired or go blind. By next week 100 surgeries are expected to be completed.

Some have been victims of accidents while others have eye diseases leading to blindness. Corneal transplants
have already been done free of cost for the recipients in cities such as Faisalabad, Lahore and Peshawar.
More are planned in other cities such as Quetta and elsewhere.

Give the gift of sight. The following video describes the story of Umme Kulsoom now 23 years old. She
wants to become a teacher but her education was cut short because of keratoconus or thinning of the
cornea which assumes a conical shape instead of spherical. She dropped out of the 5th grade. Her
father a poor farm labourer could not afford to pay for the required surgery. In the video we see Umme Kulsoom after her left eye surgery which was successful. She awaits corneal transplant to the other eye.

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